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For a Zombie Time, Click Here

The Zombie: Click here language

Always a Zombie? Yes

Severity: medium – An annoyance for sighted users, but can be detrimental to a screen reader user’s experience. Can also inhibit your search engine optimization.

Why is it a zombie: No one knows what’s behind the link without reading the context. Almost no one who uses the internet reads the full context around a link every time. Sighted users and screen reader users scan for links. Click Here gives them no information to work with. If done multiple times on a single page screen reader users cannot distinguish between links and must go back and read full context. Search engines treat link text like key words that describe the content behind them.

Cure the Zombie by: People are used to clicking on links; they do not need to be told to click. Select the text that best describes what you’re linking to (typically a word or short phrase) and use that as the link text.