At Undead Institute we believe getting braaains should be fun. We’re taking typically stodgy and boring topics and injecting them with life… errr… unlife(?)… *very flustered* You know what we mean. This is a place for the novice to become an expert and have fun doing it.

We’ve started by infusing web development with zombies but our plans for world domination are far wider than hordes of the undead. We’ll be expanding our books and themes as we go along.

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About John

No, John isn’t going to space anytime soon (Pssttt: billionaires with space companies, you can change that!), but it’s his self portrait and if he was going to include his receding hairline, he might as well show himself as an astronaut.

John Rhea is the Chief Zombie Smacker at the Undead Institute. He’s a storyteller with design and development skills. By day he designs and builds websites and teaches web design at the college level, by night he spins sci-fi stories and counts his words carefully at https://8wordstories.com. Other of his silly projects to check out include https://pineapplecomics.com, https://storylab.us (both currently on hiatus), https://rrremail.com (which was created a decade before AI could actually do this), https://rockbottombridges.com (the deal of a lifetime), and https://napkintie.com (for the messy artist in all of us).

He lives near Charlottesville, VA with his wife, Carrielyn, and, like, a lot of kids (eight at last count) plus more pets than is wise to enumerate. If you see him and he’s both awake and properly clothed, you know he’s having a good day..

Ask him questions, compliment his tastes in thirteenth century Greenlandic literature, and argue with him over minutia (like whether Greenland had any independent literature in the thirteenth century) on twitter @storykaboom

John’s Publications and Speaking.

About StoryLab

The Undead Institute is a subsidiary of StoryLab where we’re interested in how stories work, what makes them tick, purr, dissolve, and explode. And, particularly where learning is concerned, we want to see how they can teach. We’re delving deep into both what stories are and how we interact with them. We’re always experimenting, failing, trying new things, staggering back to get our bearings, and pushing forward again.