Beginner Usability: A Novice’s Guide to Zombie Proofing Your Website

There are things coding books can’t tell you. Things that fall between code and design. Sites can use perfect code and perfect design, but still allow zombies to take over the world. These things are all about how someone uses a website. It’s where the navigation or search lives and how a user will expect your site to behave. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning HTML

(and Smacking Zombies Upside the Web Development)

So many HTML books are boring, dry, and great for the insomniac. Plus you barely get to kill zombies! Not so here. You’ll take zombies out left and right as you learn how HTML works and put it into zombie-defying action. There’s also code practice, fun, and analogies that help the concepts stick like zombies to an apocalypse. Price: $2.99

Basic CSS: Like Putting Lipstick on a Zombie

While HTML structure kicks major zombie bootee, when you use CSS to make it aesthetically pleasing, you’ll kick a million more zombie butts. You’ll learn the basics of the Cascading Style Sheets language including how to set color and fonts, and create proper layout. With CSS under your belt you’ll be taking zombies down left, right and center. Price: $2.99

Code Isn’t as Scary as Zombies: HTML and CSS for Writers and Editors

In this video class, you’ll get a quick intro to both HTML and CSS and look at the tags and styles that matter most for enhancing your writing for the web (and/or killing zombies). You’ll gain the confidence to hand code basic structures, handle weird code from Word, spice up your pull-quotes and dive deeper into code that enhances the presentation of your writing.

Advanced CSS: Zombie in a Cocktail Dress

The more zombies you hit upside the head the better for the human race, so once you have a basic understanding of CSS, this book will take your zombie head cracking to a whole new level. We’ll discuss specificity wars, wannabe classes (I mean, pseudo classes), pseudo elements, and how to take your CSS to a whole new medium entirely: print.  Price: $2.99

Responsive Design: An Undead Introduction to Mobile Web Development

In today’s multi-device culture you need to be ready to bash zombies wherever you are. Whether you’re staring at a monitor the size of an army tank or one that you’ve strapped to your wrist, the website has gotta load for maximum zombie punishment. Responsive Design makes your website (and zombie destruction) as versatile as the screens you throw at it. Price: $2.99