Learn to build websites without wishing the Apocalypse would just happen already

Undeath by powerpoint: a zombie gives a really boring lecture people at the lecture are bored and falling asleep


  • I was really skeptical about the legitimacy of the whole zombie theme, but as I've read, I've really come around. These zombie analogies, silly as they are, help me understand the concepts and make them stick.
    Quincy P
  • Coming into this course [Code isn't as Scary as Zombies] with minimal understanding of HTML and no understanding of CSS. I leave feeling empowered and ready to take on my first personal web project! I highly recommend this class for anyone new to Web Development.
    Ken Y
  • I appreciate the humor and silliness, makes learning and reading a lot more enjoyable.
    Abby B
  • John smell like cheese, but not good kind. His books hurt poor, hungry zombers. Don't let him hatred for getting braaains stop you from becoming zombie meal...errr...real gooder hue-man or hue-woman. Don't buy him books!
    Zombie Bob