A Beginner’s Guide to Learning HTML

(and Smacking Zombies Upside the Web Development)

So many books about HTML are boring, dry, and great for the insomniac. Plus you barely get to kill zombies! Not so here. You’ll take zombies out left and right as you learn about HTML, how it works, and put it into zombie-defying action. This book smashes the content together with code practice, fun, and analogies that help the concepts stick like zombies to an apocalypse.

Zombie in a Cocktail Dress: Advanced CSS

The more zombie butt you kick the better it is for the human race, so once you have a basic understanding of CSS, this book will take your zombie butt kicking to a whole new level. We’ll discuss specificity wars, wannabe classes (I mean, pseudo classes), pseudo elements, and how to take your styles to a whole new medium entirely: print.