Terrible Zombie Jokes

What’s a zombie’s favorite holiday?

Easter – they love it when someone comes back from the dead

Who’s everybody’s favorite zombie?

Brian – till they realize their spelling mistake

What are even zombies afraid of?


What did the zombie want to do when we met up for lunch to talk about its new opportunity?

Pick my brain.

Why did the zombie eat Bob’s nine iron?

Someone had said Bob always had golf on the brain.

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8 Word Stories

His <video controls> put zombies under his command.

After the apocalypse, the webmaster learned her value.

He punched the zombie in the dir attribute

The mime survived the apocalypse in his box.

She <track>ed the zombies into accessible, captioned submission.

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Tips, Tricks, & Zombie Hits

Text Size and Readability

Keep your body text at or above 16px/12pt/1em to ensure readability and that zombies won’t eat your brains while you’re focused on reading too tiny print.

Zombie Index Inflation

Z-index should have reasonable numbers not so many 0’s that you’re sure it’s above the last one (that’s like sending a horde to check someone’s height). That said, leave some space. Don’t number by 1’s, number by 5’s, 10’s, or even 100’s so that if you ever have to stick something in between you don’t have to renumber everything. You can just slip it in halfway between the two elements you placed.  

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