At Undead Institute we believe “getting braaains should be fun.” We’re trying to take stodgy and boring topics and inject them with life… errr… unlife(?)… very flustered You know what we mean. This is a place for the novice to become an expert and have fun doing it.

As an educator myself, I love to support educators. I have a bunch of free resources available for anyone to use, and a book bundle specifically aimed at supporting students in middle school through college and teachers.

Humor Enhances Retention

There’s some scientific research that says laughing while learning helps you retain the information. For more info check out this Fast Company Article and this one from Edutopia.

Free Resources

Student Bundle

Includes A Beginner’s Guide to Learning HTML (and Smacking Zombies Upside the Web Development)Beginner CSS: Like Putting Lipstick on a ZombieBeginner Usability: A Novice’s Guide to Zombie Proofing Your WebsiteHTML5 Forms & Interactive Elements: Or How to Poke a Zombie in the EyeAdvanced CSS: Zombie in a Cocktail DressResponsive Design: An Undead Introduction to Mobile Web Development. Plus nine cheatsheets, case study instructions, and an intro to web developer tools.

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Free Evaluation Copy

Happy to provide a free evaluation copy and case study answers to any teacher/professor/instructor interested in using my books. Contact me at info [at] undead [dot] institute from your school/institution/company email address and include a link to a profile/directory listing that shows your position.