Terrible Zombie Jokes

How do you tell the difference between a zombie and a vampire apocalypse?

In a zombie apocalypse the politicians are the only blood suckers

How do you get a zombie to ride a locomotive?

Tell them it’s a traaaain

Why did the zombie leave the weightlifters alone?

They were all brawn and no brain

Why did zombies tear apart the clothing store?

They wanted the brains of the outfit.

How do you trick a zombie into eating something?

Paint it gray

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8 Word Stories

The zombies pressed forward despite the squirrel hordes.

At the <cite> of her, zombies finally died.

The zombie dinosaurs overwhelmed the pitiful human defenses.

He gave the zombie-ette <ruby> necklaces of pain.

“Zombies took over last night.”
“Awwww, Man. Again?”

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Tips, Tricks, & Zombie Hits

Container Queries

Container queries let you change a component’s look and feel based upon the size of the container. So if the component is in a small space, it will show one way and if it’s in a larger space it’ll show a different way. They’re just like media queries except they work based on the size of the parent not the size of the entire screen.

Shorthand Gotcha

Shorthand properties overwrite any value that isn’t set in the shorthand. For instance, if I set a background-image and then use background: no-repeat to prevent the image from tiling you’ve actually canceled the background image because the background short hand reset it to its default value.

Blog Articles, Interviews and More

Excerpt – Search Engine Optimization: How to Make your Site Stand Out from the Apocalyptic Horde

Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is a zombie-fighting profession unto itself. The majority of the work is finding the keywords that describe your product/service/thing and sprinkling them throughout your pages, plus removing anything that makes it harder for search engines to read your page. This book lays out a base level of how search... Read More

Interview with Jack McCloy

Job Title: Engineering Manager Place of Work: Snowflake Industry or specialization:  I work at B2B SaaS companies and specialize in building infrastructure and tooling that helps product teams move faster and ship higher quality software What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? I’ve always enjoyed hacking and building simple tools for myself. I... Read More

Interview with Seth McLellan

Job Title: Marketing Wrangler Place of Work: Automattic (specifically, the product) Industry or specialization: Automattic is the umbrella company for many different publishing and ecommerce products. is in the website and blog space. What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? I would never have guessed I’d end up here. Degree in aerospace... Read More

Interview with Eva Lovisa Nelson

Job Title:  Designer Industry or specialization: I’m an independent graphic and UX/UI designer.  My speciality isn’t confined to a specific industry but rather in delivering versatile designs that cater to the unique needs of diverse clients. From corporations to solopreneurs, I’ve worked across the spectrum, and I enjoy the challenge each project brings. Rather than... Read More

Refreshingly Frustrating

The Zombie: While developing a site, forgetting to refresh the page after you make a change Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: Medium to High, Depends on how long it takes you to realize and how much troubleshooting you do before you realize Why is it a Zombie: You can’t see any of the updates you... Read More

Hovering Over Your Phone

The Zombie: Hover on a touch screen Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: High, if hover imparts information or is required for progress through the site. Why is it a Zombie: You can’t hover on a touch screen so any user who’s on a phone, tablet. etc cannot access that part of your website. Cure the... Read More

Get Out the Way

The Zombie: Moving the element you’re hovering over via hover Always a Zombie? Almost Always Severity: Varies Why is it a Zombie: If you move the element the mouse is over far enough that the mouse is no longer on top of it, the animation resets. Which puts the mouse back on top of the... Read More

Low Contrast like Reading Mud

The Zombie: Light text on a light background/dark text on a dark background Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: Varies. Medium to high Why is it a Zombie: It makes reading really difficult Cure the Zombie by: Ensure there’s enough contrast that everyone should be able to read your text. Read More

Incorrect Selectors

The Zombie: Using .id, #class, .element, #element, id or class as selectors Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: High.  Why is it a Zombie: Elements, classes, and ids are not selected by the selectors. Cure the Zombie by: Always use a # for ids, a . for classes and no identifying character for elements e.g.  p... Read More