Terrible Zombie Jokes

What do zombies call a group of humans at night?

Midnight snack

What kind of apocalypse is it if everyone stumbles out into the light of day, aimless and moaning?

It’s not an apocalypse the Internet’s just down. 

What’s scarier than a zombie in a clown suit?


What do you call someone who tries to keep all the zombies in his basement?

A horder 

What do zombies and your uncle have in common?

Both can kill you with their breath.

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8 Word Stories

She smashed a <fieldset> over the zombie’s head.

“The zombie doesn’t love you. I am certain.”

She threw out <data> like zombie-killing ninjastars.

“Zombies are moaning liars.”
“But he loves me!”.

She <del>eted the zombies from her online life.

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Tips, Tricks, & Zombie Hits

Block and Inline Elements

A block level element should not go inside an inline level/phrase element. There are exceptions, but generally a block level element can contain either block or inline elements, but an inline element can only hold other inline elements. The major exception is the a tag, that, since HTML5, is an inline element that is allowed to contain block elements

Choose Your Characters Carefully

When using any content management system (CMS) be careful with apostrophes. While most fields should handle them properly every once in a while you might find a field that breaks when you use an apostrophe. This is most likely because the content management system isn’t properly processing the content. Most CMSs use strings to pull in whatever you typed in the field. In computer languages though an apostrophe or single quote often signals the end of a string. The CMS is reading in the apostrophe as the closing apostrophe of the content and will then try to execute the remaining content as code. Often this just results in an error, but it can also be a source of attack if the field is public facing. A savvy person could add code after the apostrophe and access things they shouldn’t.

Blog Articles, Interviews and More

Interview with Lana Boyle

Job Title: Web Developer Place of Work: University of Virginia Industry or specialization:  Higher Education What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? Finished my degree in Graphic Design and found it difficult to find work in the field. Applied those skills to web design and found web development was a good fit for... Read More

Margin: auto Challenges

The Zombie: Margin: auto without setting a width or display: block Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: medium-low Why is it a zombie: It won’t work, but it won’t break your site either. Cure the Zombie by: Ensure the element you’re centering with margin: auto; is set to display: block; and that a width has been set. If neither of those things... Read More

Interview with Sakib Ahmed

Job Title:  Web Developer and Marketing Technologist Place of Work: UVA McIntire School of Commerce Industry or area of focus:  I focus on web development and technology within the MarTech [Marketing Technology] stack to help organizations reach audiences and expand engagement.  What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? I started my career as... Read More

Empty headings

The Zombie: Empty headings i.e. headings (<h1> through <h6>) with no content or no useful content. Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: serious for screen readers; less serious for others Why it’s a Zombie: Just like sighted users screen reader users often scan through headings. If a heading is empty the screen reader will say there’s... Read More

Interview with Eric Newsome

Job Title: Web Manager  Place of Work: UVA Engineering  Industry or Specialization: I worked in higher education communication.  What got you into Web Design/Development? Leading up to my current role, I worked in communications support and administrative support in higher ed. In hindsight, even in prior non-technical roles, there was always some web or digital... Read More

Leaving off units

The Zombie: Leaving off unitsAlways a Zombie? No (some things shouldn’t have units)Severity: medium-high Why is it a zombie: It can prevent the property from workingCure the Zombie by: Add units to all dimensions unless they are 0 or you are using line-height. Line-height is at its most robust and flexible when used as a multiplier. A unit-less number is ideal for line-height.... Read More

Interview with Patricia Searl

Job Title: Acting manager, Rotunda Digital Imprint Place of Work: University of Virginia Press (book publisher) Industry your place of work utilizes: I work in academic publishing. We create digital editions and web interfaces to interact with databases for research in history, literature and architecture. My relevant background is in graphic design, web development and... Read More

Interview with Billy Hylton

Job Title: IT Program Manager Place of Work:   NC Government –  Dept. of IT – Environmental Quality  Industry your place of work utilizes:  I work in North Carolina state government for the Department of Information Technology and focus on modernizing how the state does environmental permitting.  What got you into Web Design/Development? In the late 90s... Read More

Background-repeat: none

The Zombie: Background-repeat: none Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: medium-low (it doesn’t work, but a repeating background is unlikely to make or break your site Why is it a zombie: Does nothing. The background image continues to repeat Cure the Zombie by: Use background-repeat: no-repeat. I’m not sure the exact origin of why this goes against the typical CSS... Read More

Interview with Christina Meyer

Job Title: IT Web Developer Place of Work: University of Virginia, Custom Applications and Computing Services (CACS) Industry your place of work utilizes or any specialization you’ve done:  I specialize in building websites in the Drupal CMS for the University of Virginia. We have over 400 websites that we have built over the years and... Read More

Using the background-color property for a background gradient

The Zombie: Using the background-color property for a background gradientAlways a Zombie? YesSeverity: medium – (It doesn’t work, but its unlikely to break the site)Why is it a zombie: The gradient won’t show up at all.Cure the Zombie by: Despite gradients being literally colors, they are treated as images. Move the gradient to the background-image property and everything works.... Read More

Interview with Justin Schroeder

Job Title: Founder, Braid LLC, Founder FormKit Inc., Senior Full Stack Engineer. Place of Work: FormKit & Braid Industry your place of work utilizes:  What got you into Web Design/Development? I started around the turn of the millennium. I was a bored 12 year old in 1999 and when I typed those first few lines... Read More

Zombie Client/Zombie Server Model

Clients and Servers The web, and thereby the human resistance plans, has always been based on the client/server model. In this model, you have one centralized store of knowledge (the server)—much like the commander of your human resistance cell—and many different computers asking that server for information, like you and your apocalyptic colleagues asking the... Read More

Toggle Checkbox

What does this code do?  HTML: CSS: Answer When the trigger input is checked, the spin animation is started on the z element and continues to run infinitely in one second intervals. You can see a form of this in action on any of my 60 days of animation as it’s how I set it up for... Read More

Interview with John Loy

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer Place of Work:  DreamWorks Animation Industry your place of work is in:  I build custom web-based software for internal use at DreamWorks Animation in their animation production pipeline. Example applications include a 3D model/assets catalog browser and software launching console. What got you into Web Design/Development? I studied graphic design... Read More

No alt text attribute on images

The Zombie: No alt text attribute on images Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: medium – has accessibility and SEO implications Why is it a zombie: Search Engines and Screen Reader Users won’t be able to access/understand the content. Cure the Zombie by: Adding a blank alt attribute to decorative images and a short, clear description to all other images. No need... Read More

Interview with Ben Walter

Job Title:  Solutions & Web Developer Place of Work:   UVA Alumni Association Industry your place of work utilizes or any specialization you’ve done: I work at a higher ed non-profit focused on alumni engagement. What got you into Web Design/Development? A friend and I built a website for a History Day project on the Cuban... Read More

Scavenger Hunt

Ready for an Easter Egg hunt? Within this website I have hidden eight pieces of a coupon code. If you can find all eight pieces you can put them together for $5 off any order of $5 or more (that’s a free eBook!). Also, the coupon will work if you only spend $4.99. I’m giving... Read More