Blog Post

Zombie in a bunny costume

Scavenger Hunt

Ready for an Easter Egg hunt? Within this website I have hidden eight pieces of a coupon code. If you can find all eight pieces you can put them together for $5 off any order of $5 or more (that’s a free eBook!). Also, the coupon will work if you only spend $4.99. I’m giving you a free book for paying attention to detail in my site, not sneakily trying to get you to buy more because my book price is one cent less than the threshold for getting it free. That’d be a real zombie way to do things.

Each piece is in the form of three letters and a number. The number is the order of that three letter section in the final coupon code. One piece of the coupon code is hidden in this very blog post. Other pieces are hidden throughout the code and makeup of the site. There is one piece technically on a different site, but it’s closely related, though adversarial in nature. 

Scour the site, find the pieces, get yourself a free book and stop that apocalypse!

A Few Clues

  • No one likes being lectured to, not even zombies, but zombies do like to lecture.
  • The first step to regaining our humanity is to console each other.
  • The foot of the Viking hordes shall not go astray.
  • File that style away for after the apocalypse. 

“Wait,” you say. There’s only four clues.”

“Oh?” I reply, “are you certain it isn’t six?”

“It’s definitely not eight.”

“Excellent counting. Ending the apocalypse isn’t easy. You’ve gotta do a thing (or two) for yourself. :-D”

Happy Hunting!

– John