John fires html element missiles at a horde of zombies in a Street Fighter style game screen

Games & Fun

Apocalyptic Descent

Delve into these zombie infested caves and try to remove every zombie nest by calling down missiles from Human Command. Practice and work with Descendant selectors.

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Post-Apocalyptic HTML Shooting Gallery

Match opening and closing HTML tags before the zombies shoot you undead…

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60 Days of Animation

In honor of the launch of CSS Animation: De-animating the Undead Horde I posted original, zombie themed, hand coded CSS animations for 60 days straight.

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ApocalyptiCSS Grid Puzzles

Use CSS Grid to put these apocalyptic zombie puzzles together.

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Zombie Specificity Wars

Test your specificity knowledge while smacking down the horde. Win the game and you’ll get a free set of CSS Cheatsheets on the house!

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Explode zombies by selecting them. Every CSS selector you type gets you one step closer to a zombie free world.

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Profess Your Undying Love

Here at the Undead Institute, we want to help you proclaim your love in as apocalyptic and nerdy a way as possible. Pick a message and show your Zombentine just how much you care! Platonically awkward versions available as well!

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