A zombie hits John over the head with a tree stump while John complains that it's the wrong "stump"

Stump John

Zombies swarming you? Got a sticky CSS problem you can’t solve? Unsure why your HTML is letting the zombies in instead of pushing them back? Submit your question to John and he’ll see if he can answer it. Answers will be published every other week on the 2 Minutes to Save the World Newsletter.

Some Guiding Principles/How to Make Sure John Can Answer Your Question
  • Be Specific – If you just say “this doesn’t work,” it’s likely John won’t know what “this” is or what’s happening that makes you say it “doesn’t work.” Tell him that X code isn’t doing Y thing and Z reasons are how we know Y isn’t happening.
  • Re-creatable Problems – While most JavaScript and PHP questions are in-bounds, if John can’t recreate your problem on his side, it may be due to an environment issue on your server/testing site.
  • Simplify – Do what you can to simplify the problem before asking. If it relies on multiple pages of code, it may be difficulty for John to re-create and thereby to solve the problem. This is not to say that you can’t submit a larger problem, just try to simplify before you submit.
  • Explain It to John like He’s Five Years Old – Half the time, trying to explain it to someone like they’re five and have no background in the area will help you see the problem differently and perhaps even help you solve it. If that doesn’t work, John having as much context as possible will be better positioned to solve your problem.

If you follow the guidelines and still stump him, you’ll get a free Undead Institute book of your choice.