Why Zombies?

But John—you crazy author of these books—what in the four horsemen do zombies have to do with web development?

Me think answer be: John stupid.

Well…what do boring books and stale metaphors really have to do with web development?

Whole lots. Obvs. What that smell? Oh, it John and his argument.

Zombie jokes can make anything fun.

Dis not true. Zombies very intelligament and serious-like.

But there’s a deeper reason for the zombies.

John insecure stupid face. Dat deep reason.

They make good analogies.

We good at lots things beside analgesics! Like moaning and eating your braaains.

John isn’t interested in writing fluff books that just make you giggle.

Only evil guy hate giggles. John also hate kittenses.

He wants you to learn these concepts and understand them.

He want you be dumb-dumb-face like him-him-face.

The analogies he builds from the apocalypse and subsequent zombie invasion will both make you smile and teach you some code.

Marketable skills sooooo overrated. Just watch the kitty-cat videos.

Getting braaains should be fun!

You braaains plenty delicious alreadsy. No need for dangerous web development.

And if you’re still saying “But why zombies?”

Then you totes smarty pants and no need for evil, zombie hurting web skills.

I say, Why not?

Cuz it stop poor, sad, starving zombies from eating your braaains.

There’s also Science that says laughing while learning helps you retain the info. For more info check out this Fast Company Article and this one from Edutopia.