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2 Minutes to Save the World is the best web development newsletter for punching zombies in the face

The Antidote to Boring Technical Learning

We’ve all fallen asleep reading technical info or while learning about a complex (yet boring) technological issue. We infuse our content with silly jokes and zombies to make learning fun. Plus research shows that laughing while learning can help the content stick.

A Horde of 1 Star Zombie Reviews Can’t Be Wrong

You be wasting twos of minutes learning web devveper stuff.  Me did like jokes, though.

Notta Zahmby

It make learnings the web devvepment fun. How stupid!

Bobby S Humeyguy

Maked my head esplode from all the web devveper know-how. Would not read again.

Fred “A Human” Studebaker

Ended apocalypsey early with web devveper tips, articles, industry interviews, games and resources.

Zomba G, Williworf

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