Practice. Practice. Practice

Practice. That’s how you get to Carnegie Hall and web development/zombie killing greatness. The more you build the better at this you’ll be. (If you don’t have a shady cousin who needs a new site for their latest get rich quick scheme or an elderly Aunt in need of an online showcase for her collection... Read More

Shorthand Properties Gotcha

Shorthand properties overwrite any value that isn’t set in the shorthand. For instance, if I set a background-image and then use background: no-repeat to prevent the image from tiling you’ve actually canceled the background image because the background short hand reset it to its default value. ... Read More

Promise Low. Deliver High.

It is far better for both your short term and long term career to promise low and deliver high rather than to promise high and deliver low. And even if you promise high and deliver high, you’ll be killing yourself just to meet the client’s minimal expectations. ... Read More

Lowercase Filenames Save You Headaches

Always use lowercase for filenames. While you don’t have to do this, Linux based servers treat uppercase letters and lower case letters as different. Meaning zombie.html and Zombie.html would be treated as completely different files. Windows servers ignore case. If you ever need to switch from windows to Linux (or you’re handing a site off... Read More

Choose Your Characters Carefully

When using any content management system (CMS) be careful with apostrophes. While most fields should handle them properly every once in a while you might find a field that breaks when you use an apostrophe. This is most likely because the content management system isn’t properly processing the content. Most CMSs use strings to pull... Read More

Undercommunicate at Your Peril

When implementing someone else’s design. It’s often best to over communicate so that you both are happy with the results. You know what happens when you assume? You make zombies out of people and the apocalypse gets worse. Thanks for that… razzafrackin’ assumer… *grumble* *grumble*... Read More