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Unfortunately, your web browser cannot use the newest technology and many of the innovative techniques we'll be using on this site won't work or won't work well. We recommend upgrading to the latest Firefox, Chrome or Edge browser for the best experience. (If you choose to stay with IE, we recommend refreshing the browser/removing your cache when anything looks funny)


For complex and arbitrary reasons, these zombies can only be killed by being selected.
Your job: Stop the horde one CSS selector at a time.
(We automatically save your progress after each level. So feel free to take out the horde little by little or in one masterful stroke.)

Hmmmm... it seems we're having trouble contacting the almighty cloud brain know as "teh Internets" in your era. Be a good human slave and turn your connection on and off again won't you?

Your progress is automatically saved, but you can reset it.

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