John has written several articles for professional web developer publications on a variety of advanced topics.

  • Great Expectations: Using Story Principles to Anticipate What Your User Expects
    October 21, 2019
    When someone reads a story, they have certain expectations about how that story will unfold whether they know how to articulate them or not. The same is true about users coming to our websites. We can pull principles from storytelling to help us meet and, hopefully, exceed those user expectations.
  • It’s a trap-ezoid: CSS Shapes aren’t what you’d expect. They’re better! May 10, 2019 | LogRocket Blog
    When I first heard of CSS Shapes, I fell into the trap of expecting a drawing API. I thought it’d be a CSS version of SVG for doing crazy, single div, CSS-only drawings, but that’s not what CSS Shapes are — and I think we’re better for it.
  • The User’s Perspective: Using Story Structure To Stand In Your User’s Shoes
    Apr 16, 2019 | Smashing Magazine
    Story structure can be the lens through which we view websites. It helps us step into the user’s shoes and understand where and how users interact with our websites. We, web professionals and site owners, are characters in their story and it’s about time we acted like it.
  • Splicing HTML’s DNA With CSS Attribute Selectors
    Oct 23, 2018 | Smashing Magazine
    Attribute selectors are magical. They can get you out of sticky problems, help you avoid adding classes and point out some problems in your code. But don’t worry, while attribute selectors are complex and powerful, they’re easy to learn and easy to utilize.
  • Once Upon A Time: Using Story Structure For Better Engagement
    Jun 11, 2018 | Smashing Magazine
    From campfires to books to advertisements to film, stories have a power over us that no other human invention can wield. They calm us, thrill us, enthrall us and send us running back to the box office for another hit.