Expand Your First Website:

Thwacking Zombies with HTML and CSS Again

Let’s take that first zombie-thwacking website you built and expand it. (This is a sequel to Build Your First Website, but if you didn’t complete that free book or free video course, no worries, we’ve got you covered.)

Unfortunately the esteemed Dr. Boople is no longer among the living-ish. He and his super friend Brad are now part of the greater New Jersey Zombie Nest. But never fear, Dr. Boople’s intrepid assistant Joseph “Highway” Rhobberee is here to keep the website turning a profit… for Science! (Joseph also goes by the nickname, “Science”) He wants you to build a contact page and a store page so that he can cash in on… Oh, right, he wants me to say, “continue working on” Dr. Boople’s research (i.e., warning people that zombies are not your friends).

This book adds a lot of zombie smashing weapons to your post-apocalyptic, web development arsenal. Besides adding the requested pages, we’ll discuss HTML elements such as fieldset, legend, label, textarea, button, form, link, small, sup, email input, number input, text input, radio buttons and checkboxes. Plus we’ll look at CSS concepts such as descendant selectors, floating, positioning, flex box, and pseudo-classes. We’ll also move CSS to its own file, create a CSS only dialog box and more.

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