Even Further Expand Your First Website

(And Thwack those Zombies Into the Next Apocalypse with HTML and CSS)

Joseph “Highway” Rhobberee has a few more ideas for the website you’re building for him. He wants to grab people’s attention with some animations and since so many people after the apocalypse (and before, for that matter) only have a mobile device, he wants to be sure the site looks awesome on phones and tablets. Plus there’s a contingent of folks who still prefer paper (how they survived the apocalypse is uncertain), so Mr. Rhobberee also wants to have a print stylesheet. (This is the fourth book in a series, but don’t worry if you haven’t completed the other books, we’ll provide you with the starter files so you can still code right along)

In this book we’ll start with two different kinds of animation, one using a simple transition and one using keyframes and the animation property. From there we’ll work on modifying all pages so that they look great no matter what screen a visitor uses to see them. We’ll discuss viewport meta tags, media queries, flexible layouts, flexible images and more. Finally we’ll discuss print styles and how to drop things that don’t matter in print as well as how to use pseudo-elements and the attr function to print out the urls behind a given link.

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