An Introduction to Website Performance

How to Outrun the Zombie Hordes

Having trouble outrunning the zombie horde? Is your website so slow the remnants of humanity flee before it even loads? In this book we’ll discuss many different ways to make your website faster. These ways fall into three general strategies: reducing what’s sent to the user, speeding up/smoothing the website’s rendering, and reducing processing and download time. 

Within those three strategies there are a variety of zombie smashing tactics that can each shave a bit off the time it takes to show your website. Some tactics won’t be worth the trade-offs or won’t be feasible within your particular setup, but we’ll discuss each of them, the pros and cons of their use and when implementation doesn’t depend on particular server software or hardware we’ll show you how to do it too (even if it does require details about your particular setup, we’ll give you enough information to help you know where to start.)

This book is a great starter on your performance journey showing you plenty of easy to implement, low hanging zombies that you can pick off to quickly make your site faster.

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