Build Your First Website (and Thwack Zombies with HTML & CSS) – The Course

A human dive bombing a zombie in the wrestling ring
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Build your first website from scratch and actually have fun doing it.

This course walks you through the process, teaching you everything you need to know along the way. Plus we throw in lots of silly jokes and zombie references to keep you entertained and engaged. Learning doesn’t have to bore you to death (because then you might come back as a zombie and it’d just be messy).

In building these two pages from scratch we’ll look at HTML, the structure or skeleton of a webpage and all the different tags you can use to show off your content. Then we’ll dive into CSS, the look and feel or flesh and clothes of a webpage, and show you how to make changes to the font size, the colors, and the layout. Plus we provide all the content and images so all you have to do is follow along, build your first website, and then move on to post-apocalyptic domination.

By the end of the course you’ll have a website to hold in your (virtual) hands and show off to your Mom. She’ll be very proud of you.