Day 1 – Zombie Bob

I’m declaring this month SVGtober. Yes, it’s one of the more stupid October rewrites, but when you publish a book on SVG and want to publish a zombie-themed SVG every day of the month, well… SVGtober it is. In this SVG we see Zombie Bob in all his zombie glory. Want to learn how to... Read More

Semi-Forgetful Colons

The Zombie: Forget a CSS semicolon Always a Zombie? No Severity: Varies from none to high depending on where semicolon is missing. Why is it a Zombie: If properties and values come after it in the declaration block, they will be ignored. If it’s the only or last declaration in the declaration block, the semicolon... Read More

Voiding the Pseudo

The Zombie: Using pseudo elements on a void tag Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: medium – never works, but won’t break things Why is it a Zombie: pseudo elements (::before and ::after) are slotted in after the opening tag and before the closing tag. Without those tags the pseudo-element cannot be slotted in. Cure the... Read More

JavaScript Monetization API: How to Fund your Human Resistance Cell after the Apocalypse – Part 2

Editor’s Note: Since this book was originally written Coil has stopped operations, which has put implementation of this on hold. That said, the content here should be accurate if/when another company takes up Coil’s mantle. Continued from Part 1 Merchandising requires literal user buy-in—that is, users buying products or services from you. Again, this can be... Read More

Giant Website Zombies

The Zombie: So what if my site is the size of the zombie hoard, it’s pretty. Always a Zombie? No, if band width is sufficiently high some won’t notice Severity: Varies. More severe on low bandwidth connections. Why is it a Zombie: Average site visitors rarely wait for a page to load more than a... Read More

Undead Domains

When building a new website that you want to be publicly available, you need two things: (1) a domain name (e.g., or and (2) a place to host it and put it on the web so people can access it. Domain Names Domain names must be unique and come in all shapes and... Read More

Interview with Paul Rosen

Job Title: Frontend Engineer Place of Work:  Sight Reading Factory Industry or specialization:  We do music education software. I also have an open source project, abcjs, that puts standard sheet music in a browser. What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? In the ’90s I created a few simple html sites for personal... Read More

Interview with Deena Warner

Job Title: Managing Member Place of Work:   Deena Warner Design LLC Industry or specialization:  We cater to the book publishing industry. Most of our clients are authors and publishers. What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? The public library! Around 1994, I took a seminar at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library on HTML, even... Read More

Interview with Geoff Graham

Job Title:  Whatever my clients want to call me, which is usually “the blond guy that keeps our website working.” But I also do plenty of work in design and technical writing.  Place of Work: I’m an independent contractor but spend most of my time blogging at Smashing Magazine. So, where I work might be... Read More

No Centering For You

You’re trying to center the following element With the following CSS: But like a zombie barista, it’s not working. Other than changing the way you center the element (e.g. via flexbox or grid) how can you fix this code and center the element? Play with it on codepen: Answer Span is an inline element.... Read More

Interview with Len Porzio

Job Title:  Retired Software Developer What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web?  Long time software developer and engineer eventually led to DOD web support role. What does a typical day or week look like for you? What sort of things do you do? Worked on multiple web systems in multiple computer languages using... Read More

Announcing the Post-Apocalyptic HTML Shooting Gallery

When I teach HTML, one of the things that students often struggle with is matching opening and closing tags, particularly because there are so many exceptions and weird rules. Plus when you’re first learning or when code is poorly formatted it can be difficult to match up tags within a page worth of code. To... Read More

For a Zombie Time, Click Here

The Zombie: Click here language Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: medium – An annoyance for sighted users, but can be detrimental to a screen reader user’s experience. Can also inhibit your search engine optimization. Why is it a zombie: No one knows what’s behind the link without reading the context. Almost no one who uses the internet reads the full... Read More

Interview with Debra Weiss

Job Title: Owner, drw Design, LLC Industry or specialization: drw Design builds websites for a diverse group of local, national and international clients.   What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? I got on the internet early in the 1990s through my corporate job as a game show producer for an interactive TV network.... Read More

Improper element nesting

The Zombie: Improper element nesting Always a Zombie? Yes, however, some browsers may interpret it the way it’s intended rather than the way it’s written, but you never know which browser might do it correctly or not Severity: Varies Why it’s a Zombie: Browsers are pretty good at interpreting what you intended, but they might get... Read More

Interview with Lauren McSwain-Starrett

Job Title:  Director of Content Management Place of Work: The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Industry or specialization:  I direct SEO strategy and manage website content for CCL (which is a top-ranked, global nonprofit that delivers leadership training and is based in Greensboro, NC). What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? I would... Read More

Padding: none; & Margin: none;

The Zombie: padding: none; and margin: none; Always a Zombie? Yes (it doesn’t work) Severity: medium–low (a few margins/paddings that aren’t set to 0 probably won’t break your site, just make it look funky. That said, there are times when this kind of error could make a layout unusable and send users running for the post-apocalyptic hills.) Why it’s a zombie: None is... Read More

Interview with Joe Nasevich

Job Title: Web Developer Place of Work: University of Virginia Industry or specialization: Higher education What got you into Web Design/Development/working on the web? I created my first website as a graduate student circa 1993 while working at a Government research lab. The World Wide Web was new, and I wrote all the HTML using Microsoft... Read More

Underlining non-links

The Zombie: Underlining non-links Always a Zombie? Yes (except for a very specific case below) Severity: medium-high Why is it a zombie: Causes a large user experience issue where users try to click on something that isn’t clickable. That can frustrate visitors and send them running for post-apocalyptic cover. Cure the Zombie by: Only underline links. Never use underlines on... Read More