Incorrect Selectors

The Zombie: Using .id, #class, .element, #element, id or class as selectors Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: High.  Why is it a Zombie: Elements, classes, and ids are not selected by the selectors. Cure the Zombie by: Always use a # for ids, a . for classes and no identifying character for elements e.g.  p... Read More

Unhelpful Alternatives

The Zombie: Alt attribute text repeats filename Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: Medium-High Why is it a Zombie: Prevents screen reader users and search engines from accessing content, unless filename is really descriptive (which presents other issues) Cure the Zombie by: Add concise description to each image you use and place it in the alt... Read More

Attributes of No Language

The Zombie: No lang attribute on the <html> element Always a Zombie? No Severity: Medium Why is it a Zombie: If the site’s language and the visitor’s language match it’s not an issue. If they don’t match (and you as a developer never know for sure whether they’ll match or not), the browser may have... Read More