Unhelpful Alternatives

The Zombie: Alt attribute text repeats filename Always a Zombie? Yes Severity: Medium-High Why is it a Zombie: Prevents screen reader users and search engines from accessing content, unless filename is really descriptive (which presents other issues) Cure the Zombie by: Add concise description to each image you use and place it in the alt... Read More

Attributes of No Language

The Zombie: No lang attribute on the <html> element Always a Zombie? No Severity: Medium Why is it a Zombie: If the site’s language and the visitor’s language match it’s not an issue. If they don’t match (and you as a developer never know for sure whether they’ll match or not), the browser may have... Read More

JavaScript Monetization API: How to Fund your Human Resistance Cell after the Apocalypse – Part 4

Editor’s Note: Since this book was originally written Coil has stopped operations, which has put implementation of this on hold. That said, the content here should be accurate if/when another company takes up Coil’s mantle. Continued from Part 3 Monetization States There’s a new object in the Document Object Model (DOM) hanging off document called monetization. (If you’re... Read More

Day 1 – Zombie Bob

I’m declaring this month SVGtober. Yes, it’s one of the more stupid October rewrites, but when you publish a book on SVG and want to publish a zombie-themed SVG every day of the month, well… SVGtober it is. In this SVG we see Zombie Bob in all his zombie glory. Want to learn how to... Read More