8 Word Stories

“The zombies are ruining our Christmas!”
“Ya think?”

He slapped the zombie with an <hr> lawsuit.

The zombies got to Santa, then every child…

She roundhoused zombies from <h1> up to <h6>

The illiterate zombie ate a lot of grains.

His HTML5 left a <mark> on the horde.

His jokes were so stupid they repelled zombies.

She thwacked the zombie with a big <aside>

“The zombie robots ate all our silicone chips.”

He hit zombies with the function of <form>

The zombies called the end “the human apocalypse.”

Zombies in face paint are indistinguishable from clowns.

She <output> <data> all over that zombie’s head.

The clown apocalypse swiftly followed the zombie one.

He kicked the zombies with a righteous <footer>.

The horde of zombie squirrels ruled Central Park.

He swung <wbr> like a wordy baseball bat.

The politician being a Zombie surprised no one

She broke a zombie leg with each <br>

The zombie was, in actual fact, a hoarder.

She is <strong> with the HTML. Zombies beware!

The zombies found his lack of intellect distasteful.

She flung <time> and chronic pain at zombies.

The zombies raided the office fridge, disregarding labels.

He flung out &copy; like a zombified lawyer.

Chester A. Arthur battled zombies to the end.

He hit the zombie with a <head> punch.

“One zombie. Two zombie. Three- Ouch, no biting!”

She went WWE on the zombie with <table>s.

The zombie vampire lived and died every day.

The zombie was deafened by my <dfn> tag.

The zombie dog was loyal long after death.

She smashed a <fieldset> over the zombie’s head.

“The zombie doesn’t love you. I am certain.”

She threw out <data> like zombie-killing ninjastars.

“Zombies are moaning liars.”
“But he loves me!”.

She <del>eted the zombies from her online life.

The zombie ninja was quieter than the mime.

He invited zombies to his <address> of death.

The zombie mime moaned silently in his box.

He <abbr>eviated the zombie’s return fromthe dead.

She found no zombies at the braindead film.

He absolutely positioned his <footer> on zombie throats.

Child wakes up at 3am. Father becomes zombie..

She used <time> to freeze the zombie advance.

George threw his scraps to the zombie moochers..

He threw his <main> weapon at the hordes.

Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Zombie!

I punched the zombie in his <article> <header>

The zombies watched tv and rotted their brains.

She floated the <div> right at the horde.

I <em>phasized my fist in the zombie’s face.