8 Word Stories

His <video controls> put zombies under his command.

After the apocalypse, the webmaster learned her value.

He punched the zombie in the dir attribute

The mime survived the apocalypse in his box.

She <track>ed the zombies into accessible, captioned submission.

“The dinosaurs are zombies?”
“That’s awesome!”

The hidden element still blasted the zombie hordes.

“My dreams’re filled with zombie dinosaurs”

His <textarea> diary smashed zombies with every whine.

The T-Rex stomped the zombies till it feasted.

He fought the horde with a nuclear <sub>

The zombies pressed forward despite the squirrel hordes.

At the <cite> of her, zombies finally died.

The zombie dinosaurs overwhelmed the pitiful human defenses.

He gave the zombie-ette <ruby> necklaces of pain.

“Zombies took over last night.”
“Awwww, Man. Again?”

The Grammar Police threw spellcheck at the horde.

He’s the alpha male of the zombie horde.

He couldn’t follow the <script>, still smashed zombies.

“Zombies have corporate jobs. The apocalypse is official.”

She hit the reset <button> on the apocalypse.

The three-legged zombie dog fetched his own leg.

She was part of the zombie-fighting <ins> crowd.

She watched political pundits to hide from zombies.

He punched the zombies in their ever-lovin’ <base>

His shirt said “I survived zombie school” ironically.

Like an armory, <html> holds your zombie-killing weapons.

The bedraggled zombie shuffled forward, “Braaains for poor?”

She radio-buttoned <input> to stop the zombie advance.

The dog happily returned with the zombie’s forearm

BO attracts zombies, but <bdo> stops them dead.

Even cuteness did not save kittens from zombies

She <embed>ed the zombies in the flower bed.

Even death could not stop the zombie hordes.

She beat the zombie with her <meter> stick

The zombie was disappointed by supposed “brain foods.”

She made <progress> in fighting the zombie horde.

The zombies all starved at the Capitol building..

He tried to <dialog>, but the zombie exploded.

The zombies went hungry at the AI facility.

She placed a between herself and zombies.

“Quit your bellyaching!

“Those zombies are always moaning.”

She socked that zombie like a total <samp>

He went viral but in the zombie sense.

Using <map>, she cleared the <area> of zombies.

“It is not a cult! They’re just zombies.”

She filled the world with <math>. Zombies fled.

“We cannot ‘agree to disagree’ on ‘zombie problems.’”

Her stylish fashion <label> also stopped the apocalypse.

“No. I don’t believe Zombie Bob loves you.”

She smashed her <canvas> on a zombie horde.

The Western suffered from a lack of zombies.

She wrapped a <datalist> around the zombie’s face.

The zombie sniffed his brain. “…No, thank you.”

His <input> and <output> knocked the zombie unconscious

“The zombie apocalypse happened.”
“Five more minutes, Mom.”

He kept his zombie smashing on the <dl>

His zombie bride loved him for his brains.

Good <ol> lists stop zombies by the numbers.

“Nonsense! I started this zombie apocalypse completely intentionally!”

She uppercut the zombie with a <sup> tag.

He played hopscotch with the zombies of Scotland.

She ran over zombies with her reversed <nav>

Watch out! Zombie nutritionist! “Grains,” it said, “Graaains!”

She rained <code> and destruction on the horde.

“I cannot find a zombie who’ll love me!”

She pelted the horde with priceless precious <ruby>.

“The zombies are ruining our Christmas!”
“Ya think?”

He slapped the zombie with an <hr> lawsuit.

The zombies got to Santa, then every child…

She roundhoused zombies from <h1> up to <h6>

The illiterate zombie ate a lot of grains.

His HTML5 left a <mark> on the horde.

His jokes were so stupid they repelled zombies.

She thwacked the zombie with a big <aside>

“The zombie robots ate all our silicone chips.”

He hit zombies with the function of <form>

The zombies called the end “the human apocalypse.”

Zombies in face paint are indistinguishable from clowns.

She <output> <data> all over that zombie’s head.

The clown apocalypse swiftly followed the zombie one.

He kicked the zombies with a righteous <footer>.

The horde of zombie squirrels ruled Central Park.

He swung <wbr> like a wordy baseball bat.

The politician being a Zombie surprised no one

She broke a zombie leg with each <br>

The zombie was, in actual fact, a hoarder.

She is <strong> with the HTML. Zombies beware!

The zombies found his lack of intellect distasteful.

She flung <time> and chronic pain at zombies.

The zombies raided the office fridge, disregarding labels.

He flung out &copy; like a zombified lawyer.

Chester A. Arthur battled zombies to the end.

He hit the zombie with a <head> punch.

“One zombie. Two zombie. Three- Ouch, no biting!”

She went WWE on the zombie with <table>s.

The zombie vampire lived and died every day.

The zombie was deafened by my <dfn> tag.

The zombie dog was loyal long after death.

She smashed a <fieldset> over the zombie’s head.

“The zombie doesn’t love you. I am certain.”

She threw out <data> like zombie-killing ninjastars.

“Zombies are moaning liars.”
“But he loves me!”.

She <del>eted the zombies from her online life.

The zombie ninja was quieter than the mime.

He invited zombies to his <address> of death.

The zombie mime moaned silently in his box.

He <abbr>eviated the zombie’s return fromthe dead.

She found no zombies at the braindead film.

He absolutely positioned his <footer> on zombie throats.

Child wakes up at 3am. Father becomes zombie..

She used <time> to freeze the zombie advance.

George threw his scraps to the zombie moochers..

He threw his <main> weapon at the hordes.

Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Zombie!

I punched the zombie in his <article> <header>

The zombies watched tv and rotted their brains.

She floated the <div> right at the horde.

I <em>phasized my fist in the zombie’s face.